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Pamlico Sound at Ocracoke Island

NCWRA Symposium

  • 20 Mar 2013
  • Jane S. McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC
Join us for the 15th Annual WRRI Conference, the premier research conference focusing on North Carolina's Water Resource Issues, Solutions, and Opportunities. The North Carolina Water Resources Association (NCWRA) will again be a key partner, with the NCWRA Annual Symposium being an integral element of the conference program. This year, the symposium will address nutrient credit trading and explore the barriers and opportunities for such a program in NC. The conference will conclude with the Progress Energy Seminar, "Water, Energy, Security: Colliding Imperatives", which will also be open to the public free of charge.

  • This event is held in conjunction with the NC Water Resources Research Institute Annual Conference.  Register at the WRRI website:  NC WRRI Annual Conference

  • Student Poster Competition Winners 2012

    First place winner Gina Lee, N.C. State University Department of Soil Science for her poster "Effects of Mulch Type and Polyacrylamide on Runoff and Vegetation Growth on Steep Slopes" The poster was co-authored by Professor Rich McLaughlin. (Poster #19)

    Second place winner Brittany White, Department of Biology, Elon University for her poster "Physiological Responses in the Coastal Marsh Plant, Spartina patens, Following Sudden Increases in Soil Salinities." The poster was co-authored by Kara Salpeter, Daniel Millemann, Michael Caputo, and Brant Touchette (Poster # 35)

    Third place winner Leigh-Ann Dudley, North Carolina State University Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, for her poster "Removal of Perfluorinated Compounds by Powdered Activated Carbon and Anion Exchange Resins." The poster was co-authored by Professor Detlef Knappe, and Mark Strynar, Andrew Lindstrom and Larry McMillan of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (Poster #9)

    Honorable mention winner Hannah Postma, undergraduate in Environmental Health, East Carolina University, for her poster "Evaluating the Effects of Watershed Impervious Surfaces on Stream Biochemistry." The poster was co-authored by A.J. Finley, Guy Iverson, Charles Humphrey and. Michael O’Driscoll (Poster # 26)

    Honorable mention winner Matthew Smith, graduate student in the Department of Geological Sciences, East Carolina University, for his poster "4-D Geophysical and Water Quality Characterization of On-site Wastewater Treatment." The poster was co-authored by Michael O’Driscoll, David Mallinson, and Charles Humphrey. (Poster #30)

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